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Air Conditioning Design, Installation, Maintenance

Climate Tech Group specializes in Commercial Air Conditioning Systems, Industrial Air Conditioning and Heating Equipment. A properly designed Air Conditioning or Heating System will make the difference for Ideal Performance, System Life and Efficient Use. We know how hard it is to run a business that’s why we will work around your schedule.

Furnace, Installation, Maintenance

A Household Furnace Is A Major Appliance That Is Installed To Provide Heat To An Interior Space Through Intermediary Fluid Movement, Which May Be Air, Steam, Or Hot Water. The Most Common Fuel Source For Modern Furnaces In The United States Is Natural Gas; Other Common Fuel Sources Include LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), Fuel Oil, Coal Or Wood. In Some Cases Electrical Resistance Heating Is Used As The Source Of Heat, Especially Where The Cost Of Electricity Is Low. Combustion Furnaces Always Need To Be Vented To The Outside. Traditionally, This Was Through A Chimney, Which Tends To Expel Heat Along With The Exhaust. Modern High-Efficiency Furnaces Can Be 98% Efficient And Operate Without A Chimney. The Small Amount Of Waste Gas And Heat Are Mechanically Ventilated Through A Small Tube Through The Side Or Roof Of The House. Delivering Dependable And Efficient Heating, We Offer Replacement Furnace With Efficiency Rating From 80% All The Way Up To 95% AFUE. Many Of These Are Also Energy Star Rated, And Can Significantly Lower Your Utility Bills As Opposed To Conventional Models, And Are Designed To Run Silently As Well.

You Can Rest Assured With Climate Tech Group As We Have The Knowledge And Experience That Sets Us Apart From The Rest. Using Us Means You Receive The Best Commercial Or Industrial Air Conditioning And Heating Service And Your Utility Bills Will Quickly Testify To Such!

Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance

We are very experienced with knowledge of System Design and Installations. It is very important to schedule a Routine Maintenance, which enables Optimum Performance while saving the Air Conditioner System lifespan. Most often repair work is more the economical route to keep Commercial System Operating and in addition to saving money a lot of time will be saved too. Call us we use state of the art tools for Trouble Shooting of Commercial Air Conditioners, Industrial Air Conditioners And Heating Systems.

When You Have A Service Agreement With The Climate Tech Group You, Your Needs Will Be Handled With Priority. Our Servicemen are ready to mobilize a unit to your location and keep your systems functioning with precise care and great customer satisfaction ALWAYS.

Commercial Heating cooling